Back to reality 

9 thoughts on “Back to reality ”

  1. This is great Jess!! I am always making the same boring meals. You should post some of your recipes (including that morning glory muffin recipe).


      1. Enjoyed your post, very inspiring. I currently have only one of your recipes it’s for making homemade salad dressing, which we love, so I look forward to copying down some more to try!


  2. Just read your blog post, Jessica, and thrilled to see such an inspired young mother doing all the right things. At first, I’ll admit that I thought I was reading some of Ryan’s musings, and thought, “Here we go again, another young mom who leaves all the cooking and cleaning chores to her husband.” So many I know these days are like that. So, imagine my surprise and delight to see that it was “Mommy” writing those things. No wonder Ryan is so very proud of you! You are a lovely role model for your pretty little daughters. This is terrific.


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