Soup ‘er salad?

One of my fond memories of serving was the time I asked my customer if he wanted “soup or salad” with his main dish. He replied “sure, I’ll try the super salad”. I suddenly realized I needed to reword that question and lead with the salad, as to avoid any further confusion! But while we’re on … Continue reading Soup ‘er salad?

Back to reality 

   After spending a great sunny vacation in Mexico with my family, it’s always a bit bittersweet to come back home to real life.  I definitely enjoyed the break from cooking and cleaning up while away, but also probably ate one too many tacos and sipped a few too many mojitos, so getting back to … Continue reading Back to reality 


So I might have a slight obsession with Mexican food.  Not the Americanized fake kind you find at Taco Bell, but the authentic stuff that you eat when actually in Mexico.   Hence, my almost weekly batch of homemade guacamole!  We’re headed down to the Mayan Riviera this week, where I’ll likely consume 85% of my … Continue reading #Guac