Just BEET it

I just roasted another batch of beets to have on hand for salads, dips, baby food, etc. I think beets are becoming more popular. I see them more and more on restaurant menus, which makes me happy! Not only are they a very versatile root vegetable which can be used in so many different dishes … Continue reading Just BEET it

I ♥️ veggies

This week we went heavy on the vegetables, which to me is heavenly.  I could easily leave meat out of my diet and be a vegetarian but my husband is a serious carnivore.  What he has come to realize though, is that some vegetarian dishes are really tasty.  After downing a bowl of this Coconut Lentil … Continue reading I ♥️ veggies

Soup ‘er salad?

One of my fond memories of serving was the time I asked my customer if he wanted “soup or salad” with his main dish. He replied “sure, I’ll try the super salad”. I suddenly realized I needed to reword that question and lead with the salad, as to avoid any further confusion! But while we’re on … Continue reading Soup ‘er salad?